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SENECT Leitfähigkeitssensor CON50

Conductivity-Sensor CON 2 / CON 50

Inductive conductivity sensor

CON-2-SC / CON-50-SC, Art.-No.: 2410 (2 mS / cm) / 2400 (50 mS / cm)
  • Precise and long-term stable conductivity measurements
  • Range 0 to 2 mS / cm (typ. freshwater applications) or 0 to 50 mS / cm (typ. seawater applications)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Corrosion free with process connection
  • Ideal for aquaculture and water quality monitoring


Reliable and precise - The SENECT CON(ductivity) sensor.

The SENECT CON conductivity sensor meaures the electrical conductivity of water reliably, precise and temperature-compensated. Based on these measurements, the SENECT control units calculate the salinity, e.g. in the practical salinity unit PSU.

The inductive measurement principle brings several advantages: precise measurements in combination with nearly no maintenance.

The conductivity sensor SENECT CON is available in tow measurement ranges: the CON2-SC is perfectly suited for freshwater applications while the CON50-SC extends the measurement range up to 50 mS / cm an is therefore the best option for seawater applications.



Leitfähigkeits-Sensor CON

Inductive Conductivity Sensor