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The SENECT Control App


The SENECT Control App is a software for smartphones, tablet-PCs and computer (PCs and Apple), with which the SENECT control units can be operated.

With the SENECT Control App the control units are connected with your wireless network and you can visualize sensor measuments and the status of the output ports live and receive alarm-messages.

For example, the SENECT Control App sends you an alarm via a push-message on your phone, if a parameter falls below its treshold or if the filter stops is in the emergency stop mode.

Everything at first sight: With the SENECT Control App you can see all sensor measurements and the status of the output ports (e.g. solenoid valve on or off) clear displayed on one page. So that you always keep track of your parameters and devices.

Benefit from the advantages of the SENECT Control App:

  • Linking-up your control units
  • Easy and clear visualization overview about measured parameters and output states
  • Receiving alarm messages on your mobile phone

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Download the SENECT Control App for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices.

Now available at the Google Playstore, App Store or here.



SENECT Control App

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