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SENECT Hatchery-Fry-Feeder

SENECT Hatchery Fry Feeder

BFA-01-LS, Art.-No.: 3302

  • For small grained and powder fish feed
  • Feeding of small portions possible
  • Feed protected against incoming moisture
  • LEDs to attract fish before and during feeding


Enables optimal foraging - also for smallest portions and powder feed.

The SENECT Hatchery Fry Feeder is designed for feeding small portions of small-grained or powder fish feed.

A special feature is that the feeding aperture is closed in case there is currently no feeding - to prevent moisture coming into the feeder. This mechanism avoids clogging of the fine-grained feed.

The integrated LEDs can be switched on with the SENECT control technology prior and during feeding to attract the fish and gather them under the feeder.


Intelligent control of feeder with the SENECT control units

All SENECT control units1 exhibit a powerful and extensive menu to make the feeding as efficient as possible. The calibration of the feeder - matched to the selected fish feed - allows to feed precise defined amounts of feed.

Additionally, the feeding can be related to water quality parameters². For example the feed amount can be corrected in relation to the temperature (according to the feed manufacturer recommendations of the feed spec sheets). Feeding can also be stopped in case of unfavourable oxygen conditions. In case of an connected aeration or oxygenation, it can be switched on prior feeding to ensure optimal oxygen conditions to facilitate efficient digestion.

¹except MONITOR|4, ² respective sensor required, e.g. oxygen sensor O2S, temperature sensor TMP



SENECT Hatchery Fry Feeder

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