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Sensors from SENECT - simply better.

Sensors are used to measure physical and chemical parameters like for example the water level, temperature or the concentration of specific substances like dissolved oxygen. It doesn´t matter for which application - the reliablilty and precision of the measured values are essential for a perfect regulation or control.

That´s why we attach great value to the quality of sensors. The primary traits of sensors are for us reliability and precision. Many of the SENECT sensors exhibit additional features like low maintenance and long calibration intervals - like for example the optical dissolved oxygen sensor O2S.

The following SENECT sensors are available:

Optical oxygen sensor O2S

Sensor Oxygen O2S

Precise & low in maintenance.

pH Sensor XR1

Measuring and controlling pH .

Temperature Sensor TMP

Platinum temperaure probe .

Water level sensor EPS

Controlling drum filter. Monitoring pump pressure.

ORP Sensor XT1

Measuring redox potential.

Pressure sensor EDS

Monitoring oxygen and air pressure.

Water level probe PS

For precise water level measurements.

Sensor Conductivity CON

Measuring conductivity. Calculating salinity.



SENECT Sensors

Reliable. Precise. Low in maintenance.