Multifunctional Aquaculture Controller

TWO-A2-22, Art. No.: 1600
  • Two sensoren input ports, two output ports
  • One controller for many functions:
    • Measuring with two sensors (e.g. oxygen in 2 tanks)
    • Many output port functions: e.g. sensor-control, time-control, automatic fish feeder, light
    • Online access and surveillance
  • Versatile - perfectly suited for ponds, raceways, mesocosms and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
  • Scalable and combineable: many units can be combined to one software system
  • Wireless data transmission via WLAN – Remote access and alarm via smartphone
  • Easy DIY installation - easy operation


The two-fold control:

2 x measurement & control.

Ceramic diffusor, optical dissolved oxygen sensor



Clever regluation of aeration

  • Measurement of the oxygen concentration with the low-maintenance and long-term stable optical SENECT O2-Sensor O2S.
  • If the oxygen concentration sinks below a treshhold, an aerator or solenoid valve depending on the aeration mode is switched on (24 v DC devices directly, 230 V AC devices via the optional Power Switch)
  • Multiple regulations are possible! For example, if the oxygen concentration falls below 70% saturation, an aerator is switched on. If the oxygen concentration falls further to less than 60%, additionally technical oxygen supply is switched on via a solenoid valve.

SENECT|TWO - Cost saving, ressource-efficient and versatile.



Automatic feeder control

  • All typical feeders can be connected (AC feeders via the optional Power Switch)
  • Intelligent control of feed portion and timing
    • Fixed feeding times (e.g. 8:00, 9:00, and so on for always 30 s)
    • In intervalls (e.g. from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every 30 min for 15 s)
    • Calibration –> Disply in gramm
  • Intelligent control based on environmental parameters (in combination with sensors)
    • No feeding if oxygen is critical (e.g. below 70%)
    • Temperature depending feeding
    • No feeding in relation to atmospheric pressure
    • Switching on outputs prior to feeding (e.g. increasing O2 before feeding, switching on lights)
  • Setting programable directyl on the SENECT|TWO of via smartphone, tablet or PC

Intelligent feeding algorithms - based on environmental parameters.







  • Easy and cost-effective (DIY)
  • No data cables - saves costs and diminishes failure causes
  • Only a power supply necessary

Mounting. Plugging connectors in. Define the settings. - Ready!




multifunctional aquaculture controller