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Velda Fish Feeder Pro

VPF-3LSC, Art.-No.: 3300

  • Fish feeder - controlled by SENECT units
  • Spiral feeding mechanism
  • 3 l volume
  • For pellets from 3 upt ot 12 mm
  • Wall-mounting or with soil-skewer


Optimal feeding with the SENECT control technology and the Velda Fish Feeder Pro.

With the Fish Feeder Pro, connected to actuator output ports of SENECT control unis, you can feed your fish intelligently and tailored to the needs of your fish.

The spiral feeding mechanism allows you to use different grain sizes and different feed types.

The Fish Feeder Pro will be delivered without the Velda control unit, but with a 5 m cable for connecting the feeer to the SENECT control units.



SENECT control plus Velda Fish Feeder Pro

For optimal feeding.