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SENECT Aquaculture Drum Filter

Microscreen drum filter
  • Fully automatized particle filter system
  • With pipe connections (tank version) or as open-channel version
  • For flow rates of 5 to 300 l / s respectively 18 - 1000 m3 / hour at 20 mg / l total suspended solids (TSS)
  • 60 µm stainless steel filter mesh (more mesh sizes and types available)
  • Including intelligent FILTER|CONTROL unit, variable frequency drive and spray pump
  • Online-access via internet and alarming on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Customization possible.


Drum filter for the toughest aquaculture applications.

Microscreen drum filters are regarded as the state-of-the-art particle filtration technology in aquaculture applications. The main advantages of this technology are the fully automatized removal of solid waste - not only capturing the particles with manual backwashing - and the well-proven mechanical base design which makes drum filters ideal for applications with high flow rates.

The principle of particle filtration of drum filters is based on the mechanical trapping of particles. The water, loaded with suspended solids flows through the filter screen, where the particles are trapped. The control unit detects the clogging of the filter mesh and activates the backwashing process to clean the filter mesh and wash the dirt particles into the waste water outlet.

The SENECT aquaculture drum filters are especially designed to fit to the needs in the aquaculture sector. Therefore, the major aims behind the developlment of this filter series are:

1. Minimized maintenance

2. Minimized water- and energy-consumption

Bearing this in mind, the engineers of SENECT created a series of drum filters which inspire by their thoughtful construction, the excellent manufacturer quality and the perfect fitting controller. Some the advantages include the clever drive system or the robust frame construction as well as the water- and energy-saving intelligent control unit.

Thanks to these advantages, the SENECT aquaculture drum filters offer high-efficient filtration with minimum manual maintenance.

Compact design: High flow rates at minimum physical dimensions
The SENECT aquaculture drum filters are characterized by their space-saving design thanks to a deeper submergence of the drum. This construction offers several advantages:

1. Higher flow rates can be achieved at the same footprint area.

2. A larger part of the filter mesh is used continuously and therefore, less unused mesh area is cleaned. This saves directly water.

3. The stablity of the construction is enhanced.

Extreme maintenance reduction: belt- and chain-less drive system, wear-resistant bearings, automatic intensive cleaning programme
One aim of the SENECT aquaculture drum filters is to reduce manual maintenance as much as possible. The clever drive system based on a cogwheel force transmission is one part to achieve this goal since typical strong wearig parts like belts, chains or plastic gear wheels can be avoided.

The use of special wear-resistant bearings is another major advantage.

The fully automatized backwashing process is enhanced by the special cleaning modes of the SENECT control units. For example, the intensive cleaning programme makes the flushing process even more effective and reduces for example calcous deposits on the filter mesh.

Straightforward and cost-effective replacement of the filter mesh (no filter panels or cells)
For the SENECT aquculture drum filter, we deliberately do not use filter cells or panels. This brings several advantages for the user: At first, the filter operation with panels increase water consumption of the filter, since there is more water directly transported from the corner spaces of the panels to the waste outflow, which increases water consumption. Secondly, the direct assembly of the filter mesh makes it possible, that any type of mesh – also from third-party suppliers, can be used. A short comparison of the prices for panels and blank filter mesh show clearly, what additional future costs can be involved in the operation of drum filters and how the financial advantage of the direct assembly can look like. With its clever mounting, the exchange of the filter mesh is straightforward and can be done quickly.

High-efficient filtration: minimal energy- and water consumption associate with minimal wear-out
A number of several design aspects lead to ability of the SENECT aquaculture drum filter to filter with a minimum waste of water and energy. The combination of the selection of parts, the design and the intelligent control technology enable this:

1. Using the direct assemblage of the filter mesh avoids extensive water loss due to the direct transport of water in the waste outlet.

2. The deep submergence of the drum enhances the permantenly used filter area. Therefore, only the used part of the filter mesh is cleaned and unnecessary flushing of the clean part is avoided.

3. The control unit enable the exact control of the drum rotation, so that really only the dirty part is backwashed.

4. With the EcoMode programme of the control unit, water-level induced partial rotations of the drum without flushing lead to water savings of up to over 30% in comparision with the typical filter control.

Despite its enormous reduction in water consumption, the SENECT aquaculture drum filters achieve 100% filtration performance!


Tank or "boxed" version with pipe connections

Open frame channel version

Standard and customized solutions - the SENECT aquaculture drum filter

Drum filters are integrated in new aquaculture farms but also retrofitted in existing facilities. For a perfect fit of the drum filter to your application, our qualified engineers or scientists advice you thoroughly. We offer on the one hand standard drum filter sizes, but if necessary, we produce the filter based on a customized design so that the filter fits perfectly to your requirements.





SENECT aquaculture drum filter

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